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  1. Final transformation for shape AABB - Intel® Developer Zone


    5. Okt. 2011 ... I need to get the AABB in world space in the final position. ... from 3DS Max, it contains the mesh and the physical data for single rigidbody.

  2. changing world size - Intel® Developer Zone


    21. Sept. 2008 ... ... game and to make sure all rigidbodies stays inside the world (by changing ... What you could do is calc the size of the AABB of the shape you ...

  3. Problems with not AABB Trigger object and Rigid Tri Mesh creation


    Problems with not AABB Trigger object and Rigid Tri Mesh creation ... Is your " character" a character proxy? a character rigid body? Take a look at the Use ...

  4. SOS!HELP!!! A problem of Collision Detection, bug?


    Oct 22, 2008 ... hkpRigidBody* rigidBody = new hkpRigidBody(rigidBodyInfo); moppShape-> removeReference(); ... ( rigidBody->getTransform(), 0.0f, aabb );.

  5. hkpShape getAabb() gives strange hkAabb - Intel® Developer Zone


    16. Aug. 2009 ... But the aabb always has nonsense data, mostly much bigger values than the ... The best way to get a body's AABB is like this: ... your rigid body

  6. BroadPhase shift question. - Intel® Developer Zone


    Dec 8, 2009 ... If an inactive rigid body is outside the broad phase, then will it still be ... that theinactive rigid body is not in the bounds of any other AABB of an ...

  7. Checking for rigid bodies within a certain radius


    28. Nov. 2009 ... ... the examples (specifically about phantoms) and they are all AABB. ... certain radius (whether it be a sphere or a circle) of another rigid body.

  8. Phantom use - Intel® Developer Zone


    23. Febr. 2009 ... 1a- Does the hkpShapePhantom use a shape to compute the aabb in the ... A good solution for this is to create a keyframed rigidBody in the ...

  9. Closest point on a rigid body - Intel® Developer Zone


    15. Sept. 2008 ... Hi, I'm trying to find the point on a rigid body that is closest to a point in world ... The size of this region is determined by (AABB of the object + ...

  10. Peformance warning - Intel® Developer Zone


    20. Juli 2008 ... ... has an AABB which encloses more than 256 children of that shape. ... shape end up inside the AABB of a dynamic rigid body, all will have to ...

  11. Box freezes in mid air after bouncing. - Intel® Developer Zone


    7. Juni 2014 ... hkpRigidBody* rigidBody = new hkpRigidBody(ci); ... The broadphase is an AABB that should enclose all your simulated world. This is ...

  12. Using Havok for Raycasting - Intel® Developer Zone


    4. Aug. 2010 ... Hi, Sometimes we need simple ray casting that is accurate to AABB or ... to local shape space (using your rigid-body/renderable transform) and ...

  13. Collision: ContactPoint changed - Intel® Developer Zone


    7. Jan. 2009 ... Or are the contact points all recreated when one of the rigid body moves ... havok visual debugger when the AABB changes from blue to green).

  14. Loading a Level into Havok - Intel® Developer Zone


    14. Okt. 2012 ... ... boxes - Havok supports a wide variety of rigid body shapes. With those caveats , you have two options: 1. Get the extents of the body's AABB: ...

  15. small clarification on source code comments regarding shape keys


    Aug 27, 2014 ... ... a key be considered immutable for the lifetime of the rigid body (in this ... that midphase will return a list of shapekeys overlapping the AABB.

  16. issue with ultra-minimal custom hkpBvTreeShape


    Note the assert occurs right when the box intersects with the tree aabb (I .... (And maybe I should note my tree is strictly a hkpMotion::MOTION_FIXED rigid body).

  17. Picking Ray and Hit Detection - Intel® Developer Zone


    In the RaycastAgainstProxy demo, an AABB phantom is inserted into the ... the ray interesects the AABB; this is different from actually creating a rigid body and ...

  18. Spatial partitioning of collision geometry. - Intel® Developer Zone


    Nov 14, 2008 ... I leave the mass at 'zero', since this is a static rigid body. ..... the Mopp does a AABB query when something is colliding against it, maybe more.

  19. hkpSimpleMeshShape won't come to rest - Intel® Developer Zone


    094, hkpRigidBody* RigidBody = new hkpRigidBody(boxInfo); ..... data for the second test as well and the result is same than before, crash at AABB generation.

  20. Proper way to do "diamond" Heightfield tessellation?


    Sep 15, 2008 ... ... when that heightfield is queried for a raycast, rigidBody collision, etc. ... a list of all triangles overlapping the AABB of the cast, and then each ...

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