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  1. Circular rotate that does not violate C/C++ standard?


    12. Aug. 2015 ... Intel compilers lack an intrinsic to access the underlying rotate instruction. We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes ...

  2. Rotate image in AcquireAccess


    6. Nov. 2015 ... I want to be able to rotate a PXCMimage using the AcquireAccess() function but the following code does not actually rotate the image.

  3. Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS


    24. Juni 2015 ... I've been following this http://qnimate.com/create-a-camera-app-using-intel-xdk/# Displaying_Picture and managed to get photos from my ...

  4. how to rotate rigidbody along a arbitrary point


    Mar 23, 2013 ... hi, if i call rigidBody->setRotation( quaternion ) the rigid body will rotate around his center point. but how can i make this same rigidBody rotate ...

  5. Rotate Image


    27. Apr. 2010 ... I want to rotate an image so I can traverse it across the horizontal rather than the vertical. I see that there are various rotating functions in IPP.

  6. rotg and rot example


    12. Apr. 2012 ... use rotg to rotate x_11 with 1, get r1, z1, c1, s1 use rotg to rotate x_22 with 1, get r2, z2, c2, s2 use rotg to rotate x_33 with 1, get r3, z3, c3, s3

  7. rtcSetTransform


    30. Juni 2014 ... Hi, first let me say thank you for such a state-of-the-art kernel for CPU, it is by far the best ever developed. I'm trying to rotate an instance by ...

  8. How to modify PXCCapture::Sample image in OnNewSample callback


    8. Dez. 2014 ... Hi, I want to rotate capture image in PXCCapture::Sample for camera placed lengthwise, to the face detection module. following code works ...

  9. Rotated screen is not resized in portrait mode when Crosswalk is used


    10. Juli 2015 ... When I start the app everything is working fine, then I rotate the screen to landscape mode and still everything is fine, but when I rotate it back to ...

  10. Unity Tip: Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems


    Jul 17, 2015 ... The Wiki entry states that one solution that might be appropriate to Unity users is to "...rotate one or more of the gimbals to an arbitrary position ...

  11. rtcSetTransform instance positioning


    7. Juli 2014 ... Let me explain what I do and what it does... I create a cube at origin (0,0,0) and instantiate it at (10,0,0) all works well. If I rotate the instance, ...

  12. App will not open in landscape


    25. März 2015 ... The app needs to be able to rotate in both orientations. What is the fix to have the app open in landscape because the "Default" is not working.

  13. Deutsch


    Jan 20, 2010 ... ... nprops) dimensionprops(nprops) But at this line CALL ROTATION (PROPS(57) , ROTATE) the compiler gives me an error regarding data type ...

  14. How to simulate drag and move mouse?


    22. Nov. 2014 ... To rotate a 3D object I can move the cursor of mouse to that object and press left button down, then I can hold the left button and move mouse ...

  15. Question: How can f90gl(William F. Mitchell) coexist with module ...


    17. Nov. 2003 ... ... module "dfopngl" in CVF, such as "fglCallLists", "fglRasterPos3d", because I want to output some text in window which can rotate with objects.

  16. QR Code Scan


    2. Juli 2015 ... ... code screen automatically flips to horizontal, any help to keep the screen in portrait orientation and rotate only if I rotate the phone. document.

  17. Constraining one rigid body


    1. Dez. 2010 ... Is there a havok way to have a rigid body only rotate in one axis. Assuming max linear velocity is zero, I want my character to be able to walk on ...

  18. AVX - Vector shifts


    1. Dez. 2012 ... I need to perform quite often a shift operation to rotate an Avx Vector 1 byte on the left. It seems like all the instructions I need will only be ...

  19. Unable to link code under linux, please help


    Aug 21, 2005 ... includes `pkg-config --cflags opencv` warp.cc rotate.cpp `pkg-config --libs .... I wonder if it's possible to rotate an image using opencv and ipp ...

  20. ippirotate in ipp 9.0


    27. Sept. 2015 ... But that does not work. I want to rotate around the image center and the destination image resize is enlarged to show the whole rotated image:

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