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Intel® IPP Memory Function ippMalloc/Free FAQ

Information about Intel® IPP Memory functions
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WearHacks Kicks Off in Toronto

WearHacks is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wearable

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Fast Gathering-based SpMxV for Linear Feature Extraction

This algorithm can be used to improve sparse matrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication in any numerical computation. As we know, there are lots of applications involving semi-sparse matrix computation in High Performance Computing. Additionally, in popular perceptual computing low-level engines, especially speech and facial recognition, semi-sparse matrices are found to be very common.…
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With STEM Education, Women Can Create Both Technology and Their Own Futures

Intel is committed to expanding educational opportunities for girls and women and inspires them to become creators of technology. Intel has many globally expansive programs and initiatives to support educational access for girls and women in STEM fields.
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Improving Averaging Filter performance using Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Intel® Cilk™ Plus is an extension to the C and C++ languages to support data and task parallelism.  It provides three new keywords to i

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Vectorization Diagnostics for Intel(R) C++ Compiler 14.0 or below

We have a similar catalog of vectorization diagnostics for the Intel® Fortran Compiler

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Improving Discrete Cosine Transform performance using Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus

DCT and Quantization are the first two steps in JPEG compression standard. This article demonstrates how DCT and Quantizing stages can be implemented to run faster using Intel® Cilk™ Plus.

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Using Intel® IPP threaded static libraries

Q: How to get Intel® IPP Static threaded libraries?

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Fun with Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions

By now, many of you have heard of Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX).

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Best practices for using Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Performance tuning of an existing application is truly a challenge and it depends on a lot of factors like the nature of algorithm the application works on, if the implementation is scalable

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Einzelheiten zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.