Courseware - Object Oriented

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Object-oriented design  Encapsulation and information-hiding  Separation of behavior and implementation  Classes and subclasses  Last updated on 30.03.2015 - 10:51

Courseware - Distributed Memory

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Programming models and techniques for distributed memory and clusters.

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Courseware - Programming Fundamentals (PF)

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Threading Building Blocks and Libraries: Intel TBB (Plus UPCRC 2011 Summer School Courseware)

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This is a complete courseware module, containing lecture and the lab exercises.

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Introduction to Programming Languages (ASU)

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Textbook for introduction to programming languages with a hands-on approach.

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MULTI CORE CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES (National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal)

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Basic Parallel Programming Concepts (VTU)

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The primary objective of this chapter is to make students understand the concepts of parallel programming.

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Many core processors: Opportunities and challenges

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I have a lecture I give to college classes on parallel programming In it, I carefully explain the reasons behind the transition to many core chips and then discuss the need for design pattern

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Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on multi-core computers

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A challenge to the class: first, write the parallel implementation of the matrix-vector multiplication algorithm where a sparse matrix stored in the CRS format is multiplied by a dense vector.

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Multi-core Programming

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Multi-core Programming Philosophy: Multithreaded programming in a multicore environment requires more than just "spawning threads".

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