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Intel® Intrinsics Guide

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Introduction to Intel® Memory Protection Extensions

The C and C++ languages provide for memory access via pointers, however, these languages do not ensure the safe use of pointers.

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Linux* ABI

by Milind Girkar, Hongjiu Lu, David Kreitzer, and Vyacheslav Zakharin (Intel)

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Using Intel® MPX with the Intel® Software Development Emulator

Intel has announced a new technology called Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX).

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Blog post
Blog post

Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) Runtime Support

Enabling an application to use Intel MPX will generally not require source code updates but there is some runtime code needed in order to make use of Intel MPX.  For most applications this runtime

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Using Intel® SDE's chip-check feature

Intel® SDE includes a software validation mechanism to restrict executed instructions to a part

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Pointer Checker in ICC: requires dynamic linking of runtime libraries

The -check-pointers switch, which enables the Pointer Checker feature, cannot be used with the -static flag on Linux* (/MT on Windows*) which forces all Intel libraries to be linked staticall

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Intel® Memory Protection Extensions Enabling Guide

Abstract: This document describes Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX), its motivation, and programming model.

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