Part 3: Expressing Parallelism with Vectors

Episode 3 of the “Hands-On Workshop (HOW) series on parallel programming and optimization with Intel architectures” introduces data parallelism and automatic vectorization.

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Building a highly scalable 3D particle system

Particle systems are an ideal candidate for multi-threading in games. Most games have particle systems and their general nature of independent entities lends well to parallelism.

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Intel presente no SECOMP 2013 da UNIFEI

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Dynamic Volumetric Cloud Rendering for Games on Multi-Core Platforms

Most games render clouds with planar cloud textures mapping to the sky dome, which isn't visually convincing when approaching or passing through clouds. For a realistic experience in flying games, we describe a technique for dynamic volumetric clouds.
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How to load usigned char to __m512i on KNL

How can I load the unsigned char to a __m512i vector on KNL?

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SIMD tuning with ASM pt. 4 - Vectorization & ICC

If you remember from my first post I presented a program.

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SIMD tuning with ASM pt. 3 - PS good, SS bad

If you recall where we left off on my post yesterday we compiled a test program with gcc an

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SIMD tuning with ASM pt. 2 - Your First Dump

(here's part 1 in case you missed it)

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Intel Resources for Game Developers

Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Iris™ and Iris™ Pro Graphics parts are some of the most commonly used graphics solutions in PCs worldwide. By following the advice on these pages and using the tools we provide, you'll ensure that your game is able to be enjoyed by millions of gamers. We want you to be successful
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Einzelheiten zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.