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Part I - The conceptual setup


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英特尔® Quark™ D1000 —— 基于Windows主机的按钮 终端服务程序案例

概要 -

本指南介绍了如何使用英特尔® Quark™ D1000 微控制器,以及如何使用 Eclipse* IDE 修改已在固件中实施的简单示例。 本指南还说明了如何通过使用 OpenOCD 传送创建的图像和实施源线调试,检查 D1000 CRB 的 JTAG 连接。。

请参考下面的 pdf 版指南:


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Intel® Quark™ D1000 – PushButton ISR example, Windows Host

Summary -
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2014 Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest Winners

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Blog post

Reminiscing Austin's Intel HPC Developer Conference & SC15


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OpenCV* 3.0.0 (Intel® IPP & Intel® TBB enabled) on Yocto* with Intel® Edison with new Yocto* image release

This article is a tutorial for setting up OpenCV* 3.0.0 on Yocto* with Intel® Edison. We will build OpenCV 3.0.0 on Intel® Edison Breakout/Expansion Board using a Windows*/Linux* host machine. In this article, we will enable Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) and Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) to optimize and parallelize some OpenCV functions. For example,…
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With STEM Education, Women Can Create Both Technology and Their Own Futures

Intel is committed to expanding educational opportunities for girls and women and inspires them to become creators of technology. Intel has many globally expansive programs and initiatives to support educational access for girls and women in STEM fields.
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Blog post - Boston edition

After the great experience we had at 

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Blog post - New Dashboard

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