Cannnot change IA32_PERF_CTL value: it gets overwritten by the operating system

Authored by Yuna H.


I'm running an experiment on a server machine with a quad-core Xeon X5355 processor running a linux system.

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Huge time cost while assigning

Authored by Xinjue Z.

Hello Guys:)

It is very nice to have this forum. I'm a fresh on the ISA Extension and expect to have your insight:)

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Does VPMASKMOV require an aligned address?

Authored by Nathan K.

The online for VPMASKMOV says that "mem_addr must be aligne

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Indirect Bit Indexing and Set

Authored by Alexander L.

   Hello together!

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Intel MPX, gcc/as fail to build glibc

Authored by c_43

Has anyone successfully compiled an MPX instrumented glibc? What version of glibc, gcc and binutils did you use?

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Benefits of SSE/AVX processing when an integrated GPU is missing?

Authored by Toby

Some Intel processors have an on-chip GPU (e.g. Intel Core i/-4770K using a HD Graphics 4600 GPU) whilst others don't have this (e.g  Intel Core i7 3930K).

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pmovzxbd using memory operands

Authored by Christopher H.

Is there a way to use pmovzxbd with a memory operand from intrinsics currently I have either

_mm_cvtepu8_epi32(_mm_cvtsi32(ptr[offset])); //(movd)

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Early indicators of AVX512 performance on Skylake?

Authored by angus-hewlett

Hi all,

Looking ahead, what can we expect from the first generation of AVX512 on the desktop - or when should we expect an announcement?

In the past:

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PCIe Root Complex and the PCH

Authored by Robert S.

Hello All,

First of all, sorry this is not in the appropriate forum but I was directed to post this here.

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Speedup with bulk/burst/coupled streaming write?

Authored by Alexander L.

  Hello togehther,

I've some very simple question. I hope, this is really simple.

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