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Framework7 and spacing between components : how to ?

HI all,

i'm developing a simple app using framework7.

The framework is full of userful widget but i have problems using (and spacing) them with the App Designer . Example :

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深入洞悉英特尔路线图,明智行事:英特尔® 至强® 与英特尔® 至强融核™


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OpenMP 和英特尔尔编译器

本课程描述了您可以用英特尔编译器开展哪些无法使用 OpenMP 完成的工作,包括一些即将消失的差距,以及其他一些短期内仍会存在的差距等。

同时课程还将重点介绍英特尔编译器和 OpenMP 标准的语言界面支持的不同处理方式。本课程适合于希望将现有代码迁移至 OpenMP 标准的人士和 OpenMP 标准新手。

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Compilation error in icc

the following code is being compiled properly with gcc but giving error with icc in windows.


 typedef int _v4si __attribute__ ((vector_size(16)));

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nulstein v2 plog - parallelizing at the outer loop

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在VC中,读取远程基址比较常用的方法有几种:可以采用hook钩子函数,也可采用windows API 远程进程函数对内存进行读取,然后获得远程进程在本机中的数据,并进行相关代码的注入,获取更高的执行效率。


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Intel at Unite Australia 2014 Conference - Helping Developers Extend Native x86 Support in Unity* Games

On October 27, 2014 Unity Unite Australia 2014 Conference took place in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

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Why the Changes for JavaScript with the Intel RealSense SDK?

There is a bit of a shift on the most recent release (May, 2015) of the Intel RealSense SDK, and this blog explains why we are doing this for this release only.
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Expanding and Updating the definition of a PC

Personally I believe the current definition of what constitutes a PC (Personal Computer) may be a bit overdue and outdated.
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Android 游戏开发坐标

1、Android中的坐标系统 在Android系统中,屏幕的左上角是坐标系统的原点(0,0)坐标。原点向右延伸是X轴正方向,原点向下延伸是Y轴正方向。 2、屏幕的宽和高
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Einzelheiten zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.