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Training for Intel® C and C++ Compilers

Using the Intel® C and C++ Compilers, you can compile and generate applications that can run on the Intel® 64 and IA-32 architectures.
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Community Licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries

Community Licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries is a no cost option for Intel® software tools. The software libraries includes:

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Improving Vectorization Efficiency using Intel® SIMD Data Layout Templates (Intel® SDLT)

Intel® SDLT is a library shipped starting from Intel® C++ Compiler 16.0 Update 1.

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Training for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Support

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Effective Vectorization with Intel® SDLT

Learn Intel® SIMD Data Layout Templates (Intel® SDLT) improve performance by specifying preferred SIMD data layout without restructuring your code.
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Create a Customizable Head Mesh Using Intel® RealSense™

This video discusses a code sample on Intel Developer Zone that scans a user’s face using a front-facing Intel® RealSense™ camera, projects it onto a customizable head

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Cordova Whitelisting with Intel® XDK for AJAX and Launching External Apps

Starting with Apache* Cordova* CLI 5.1, the whitelisting security model that restricts and permits access to other domains from the app has changed. It is recommended that before you move your app to production you should provide a whitelist of the domains that you want your app to have access to.
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Error : The CALL statement is invoking a function subprogram as a subroutine.

I am trying to learn to use MKL routines. I have written a simple code for calculating the jacobian matrix. However, it ends up with the below error:

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Intel® Math Kernel Library Benchmarks (Intel® MKL Benchmarks)

Intel MKL Benchmarks package includes Intel® Optimized LINPACK Benchmark, Intel® Optimized MP LINPACK Benchmark for Clusters, and Intel® Optimized High Performance Conjugate Gradient Benchmark from Intel MKL 2017 Beta. Use the links in the table below to download package for Linux*, Windows* or OS X*.
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Shading a function

I want to draw a shaded region under a curve. It is a regular region but I don't know how to define a region. The curve has some 200 points defining the area.

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