Burglar Alarm 使用英特尔® Galileo 开发板

Authored by Raghavendra Ural (Intel)

开发该范例应用的目的是为了如何针对英特尔® Galileo 开发板使用近距离传感器。 在示例中,如果任意物体出现在距近距离传感器 3 厘米的范围内,系统将发出警报且 LED 持续闪烁,直到物体离开该范围。

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Corrupted FW - no booty

Authored by Stan G.



Couple days ago I turned the Arduino edison off - I was writing a upm library and didn't need the system on.

Turned it on this evening and chaos..........

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Intel® IoT Roadshow: Recap from Moscow

Authored by Wendy Boswell (Intel)

Around the world, from Paris to 

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Connecting Intel(R) Edison to an IEEE 802.1x Enterprise Hotspot via connman

Authored by matthias-hahn (Intel)

In the past I wrote some blogs about going wireless on Intel(R) Galileo (see e.g.

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英特尔® System Studio 2015 支持矩阵

Authored by tianhui s.

如果您希望对英特尔® System Studio 2015 组件有更多了解,请向 intelsystemstudio@intel.com 发送电子邮件。

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EMG project Help

Authored by Dushan C.

I am developing a platform for doctors and patients where they can send the information about their muscle activity and heart activity with a ECG and EMG device.

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ASU Polytech Students Get Cooking with Intel Galileo

Authored by Brad Hill (Intel)

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Blinking LEDs – manipulating digital GPIOs on the Intel® Galileo board with the IoT Development Kit

Authored by Sulamita Garcia (Intel)

This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit to run a host system that can control an Intel® Galileo board using Yocto Application Development Tools and Eclipse*.

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闪烁 LED – 借助 IOT 开发套件操控英特尔® Galileo 开发板上的数字 GPIO

Authored by Sulamita Garcia (Intel)

该示例代码采用 IoT 开发套件的 Live USB 映像运行主机系统,该系统可通过 Yocto 应用开发工具和 Eclipse* 控制英特尔® Galileo 开发板。 该示例假定英特尔 Galileo 开发板通过 SD 映像启动,IoT 开发套件也提供该映像。 用户也可以在开发板上直接使用该代码,这一话题今后再予以讨论。

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