offload error: cannot find offload entry?

Authored by wan b.


 when I try to run  a fortran progran(compiled by mpiifort with options -offload-build -openmp) on MIC,

it appears two error :

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ICC ignores type on class variable definition

Authored by Bert Jonson

class A { public: static int t; }; char A::t;

ICC 13 update 1 on windows compiles this code, but mustn't.


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itac on Xeon Phi

Authored by luckynew


With the "migration license", the lastest available version of itac I have access is 8.0 update 3.

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Intel C++ 13 Difference with -O2: Unsigned Integer Constant Propagation

Authored by karma_kid

We are seeing a change/regression moving from Intel version 12 to version 13 of the C++ compiler on a Linux platform.  This occurs at the -O2 level of optmization (disappears at -O1), and appears o

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Intel C++ Studio license issues

Authored by Arvind R.

I have the following few questions related to the Intel C++ Studio license. Would appreciate any guidance that I can receive.

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Cannot rebuild GPL gear for KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15-suse-11.2

Authored by Mal H.

It works fine untill it starts building the manpages then I get

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Thread affinity in offload codes

Authored by Andrey Vladimirov

Ronald Green's paper on thread affinity control (

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Offload when result length is not known beforehand

Authored by georgv

I would like to use offload, but the length of the result is not until the offload has finished. I was wondering about the correct method of doing this. Here is my idea. Will this work?

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Intel® System Studio - Multicore Programming with Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Authored by Hans Pabst (Intel)
Intel System Studio not only provides a variety of signal processing primitives via Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP), and Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL), but also allows developing high-performance low-latency custom code (Intel C++ Compiler with Intel Cilk Plus). Since Intel Cilk Plus is built into the compiler, it can be used where it demands an efficient threading… Last updated on 09.10.2014 - 15:07

PCIe traffic diagnostics for virtual-shared (MYO) model

Authored by Andrey Vladimirov

Is there an equivalent of the OFFLOAD_REPORT environment variable for the virtual-shared model?

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