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Support for OpenCL™ Code Builder Support

Autor: kay-martin (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 09.10.2015 - 14:49
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Linux Repository Request

If Intel doesn't already (link would greatly be appreciated if you do), I'd like to request Intel to put their proprietary Linux OpenCL drivers and runtimes for Intel CPUs, GPUs, and Phi's in a rep

Autor: Sean S. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 09.10.2015 - 07:27
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OpenCL CPU-only runtime version 5.2.*?

Dear all,

Autor: Achille P. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 09.10.2015 - 06:27
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Documentation for OpenCL™ Code Builder Support

Autor: kay-martin (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 08.10.2015 - 11:07
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Interpreting the timeline in Platform analyzer?


Autor: kajwes Zuletzt aktualisiert am 08.10.2015 - 07:48

Profiling OpenCL™ Applications with System Analyzer and Platform Analyzer

Download PDF

Autor: Maxim Shevtsov (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 07.10.2015 - 02:00

OpenCL™ and OpenGL* Interoperability Tutorial

OpenCL™ and OpenGL* are two common APIs that support efficient interoperability.

Autor: Maxim Shevtsov (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 07.10.2015 - 01:57

Parallel Noise and Random Functions for OpenCL™ Kernels

This article describes and links to the Noise code sample. The sample includes an implementation of Perlin noise, which is useful for generating natural-looking textures, such as marble and clouds, for 3D graphics. It also includes a set of pseudo-random number generator functions that are sufficient to make a generated image visually appear random.
Autor: THOMAS C. (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 02.10.2015 - 14:11
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Windows 7 32 Bit

Is there anyway to find an older SDK that will install on windows 7 32 bit?




Autor: Zuletzt aktualisiert am 02.10.2015 - 10:45

Release Notes - Code Builder for Intel® Media Server Studio

This page provides the current Release Notes for Intel® Code Builder for OpenCL™. All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required.

Autor: Esther Lederer (Intel) Zuletzt aktualisiert am 29.09.2015 - 07:25
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