Parallelism Education Workshop @ SC 2011 -- An open invitation

Authored by Matthew Wolf

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Dr. Avi Cohen - Wisdom in the Palm of our Hand.

Authored by Paul Steinberg (Intel)

Dr. Avi Cohen, Inspector General, Computer Science, Israel Ministry of Education.

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Calling all parallel languages & libraries!

Authored by Matthew Wolf

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a set of lectures on pthreads that I've reworked to try to challenge students, since it turned out that several of my colleagues and I were doing almost t

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Developer Training

Authored by Paul Steinberg (Intel)
This page brings together resources to help both novice and seasoned parallel and concurrent programmers on their journey to many-core computing. Last updated on 13/08/2013 - 09:04

Blurring the lines between science and engineering- identity crisis in Informatics?

Authored by stephanie-brumat (Intel)

The European Computer Science Summit’s last day panel discussion went more deeply in to the subject of the conference and raised old questions and controversies among Computer scientists.

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The path to a better world is paved through Informatics: European Computer Science Conference 2009 Paris

Authored by BEVERLY B. (Intel)

It was a sunny day last Thursday in Paris after a very stormy night,  I was sitting in the sun filled conference room with 80 deans and Rectors of the t

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Talented kids & multi-core: Adding fuel to the mix

Authored by Robert Chesebrough (Intel)

Now I can add orchestra leader to my list of job roles at Intel. I’ve been conducting an ensemble of talented players from across industry, education and within Intel to or

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Greetings Programs!

Authored by Tom (wolfmurphy) Murphy

I don't promise that is my last cheesy Tron reference, but I can promise lots of cheesy references.

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