Debugging-Watch: evaluation of expressions not working

Authored by Tobias Loew

Evaluation of expressions (that are not just variables) doesn't work at all (see screenshot).

Last updated on 21.02.2014 - 07:37

Need libmfx as MultiThreaded Debug /MTd

Authored by Carsten K.

All my projects compile with the static runtime library (NOT  the dynamic DLL version).

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MAXLOC throws unnecessary exception in debug builds

Authored by Tobias Loew


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UEFI BIOS debugging über JTAG auf der ESE in Sindelfingen

Authored by Paul Farquhar (Intel)

Auf der ESE in Sindelfingen Dezember 3-5 führen zeigen wir auf dem Intel Stand  UEFI BIOS Debugging über JTAG.

Last updated on 04.12.2013 - 03:12

VS2012: debugging very slow, stack and symbols missing

Authored by Tobias Loew


I'm using Intel FORTRAN 2013 with VS2012. I've got a quite large FORTRAN static-library with is linked into an MSVC-compiled C++-Dll und eventually used by an MSVC C++-exe.

Last updated on 22.05.2013 - 13:39

Visual Studio 2012: Global Variables Not Displayed in Watch Window

Authored by Alexander Ludwig

Hi all,

I am using the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler as a 64bit version. On my PC, I am using Visual Studio Version 2010 w/o any problems.

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Probleme mit QEMU

Authored by meghana-rao (Intel)
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Intel MPI: MPI_Comm_connect with I_MPI_FABRICS tmi results in an error

Authored by Stefan S.


I have two programs which are connected at runtime via MPI_Comm_connect.

If I use the dapl fabrics everything works fine:

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KernelBuilder Error & Crash

Authored by Stefan G.


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Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience – Beta-Release

Authored by MonikaLischke (Intel)

Was ist Intel® INDE?

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