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基于手势控制的模块化智能家居 KrHome Alpha

作品简述:KrHome Alpha 1508以IntelEdison作为核心服务器,用通用USB接口作为模块接口及以Arduino作为即插即用设备核心模块。当然在未来的Beta版中还将尝试无线连接模式。



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The difference in the common sparse solver function result and cluster sparse solver function result


I'm Using MKL Pardiso Sparse Solver (PARDISO).


Some time ago, I Using Intel Parallel Studio 2013 Version (MKL 11.2).

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Find developer guides, step-by-step instructions, articles, blogs, and more for Intel® IoT hardware and software.

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Support of image rotation during screen capture


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采用英特尔® 实感™ 3D 摄像头和英特尔® Edison 的 3D 人体全身扫描系统: 我们如何做到的

采用英特尔® 实感™ 3D 摄像头 At IDF 2015, Cappasity demonstrated a prototype 3D full-body scanner using Intel® RealSense™ cameras connected to Intel® NUC computers, and with a rotating platform controlled via an Intel® Edison board. In this article, Konstantin Popov explains the system in detail.
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Mac OS X installer problem

So, I downloaded the latest installer image <m_fcompxe_2016.1.043.dmg>. Installed the latest Xcode (7.1.1) and also the command line developer tools.

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Feature request: Upload ipa to Itunes Connect


Generally to publish app to Apple AppStore developer need to do next steps:

1. Create app record though Itunes Connect

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采用 JavaScript* 混合使用英特尔® 实感™ 摄像头与英特尔® Edison 开发板

采用 JavaScript* 混合使用英特尔® 实感™ 摄像头与英特尔® Edison 开发板 This article describes how to use JavaScript to read hand gestures from an Intel RealSense camera and send the data via a node.js server to the Intel® Edison board, which will trigger a buzzer and LED that are connected to it. Find out about required hardware, and how to use the RealSense SDK to capture the gesture data.
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Extra "intelremotemon" message at the end of running Inspector XE 2016


After running any Inspector(TM) XE 2016's command line, will display -

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