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idb causes a long wait before displaying the source

I have noticed that is problem is not there in the command line version of idb.

Once a source had been compiled with debug options, and idb is fired:

idb ./executable

followed by "open source file", it waits a long long time and the source is not displayed. My only option is to kill the session and fire-up idbc, the command line version of the debugger.

I tried with versions 11.1 and 13.0.1 with the same result. Can anyone tell me a remedy?




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  • gdb-ia crashes when reading symbols from executable (linux)

    I am trying to debug a crash in our Fortran / C++ application.

    Fortran compiler is
    12:17 $ /opt/intel/bin/ifort --version
    ifort (IFORT) 15.0.6 20151119
    Copyright (C) 1985-2015 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    C++ compiler is:
    12:17 $ gcc --version
    gcc (Ubuntu 4.9.3-8ubuntu2~14.04) 4.9.3

    DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH not loading in gdb-ia on OS X


    Trying out 2017 beta version of Fortran (I also have the previous 2013 ifort version) but I'm having a challenge with  gdb-ia. I have my .bash_profile set so that DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is set so that on the command line I get 

    echo $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH/libiomp5.dylib




    When in gdb-ia I get the following


    (gdb) set environment DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2017.0.039/mac/compiler/lib

    (gdb) run

    Emacs gdb mode not working with gdb-ia


    when using gdb I normally use it inside Emacs, which provides a nice environment for debugging while in text mode (image attached), but this doesn't seem to work with gdb-ia. When invoking gdb from inside Emacs, I change the name of the gdb executable to gdb-ia, but I get the error:

    angelv@carro:~$ Error: you did not specify -i=mi on GDB's command line!

    Is there any way to get gdb-ia to play nicely with GDB Emacs mode?


    Ángel de Vicente

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