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line break in formatted output


this code

write(CSTmp,"(I0)") size(this%RVPEffSize)

is supposed to write the content of "this%RVPEffSize" into a single line of the file. It does so until "size(this%RVPEffSize)" is 51422. For larger sizes, a new line is inserted.

Is that intended or a bug or related to the operation system???



ifort 14, ubuntu 14.04

Integer overflow, ifort internal compiler error

I am just playing with integer overflow in fortran compilers and have found that this simple "buggy" fortran code causes internal compiler error by ifort on each of the write instruction. Gfortran detects these overflows and shows some "Error: Arithmetic overflow" during compilation.

ifort v15.0.2 could not pass fortran_2003_iee_test

Hi all,

I compiled this file with following commands:

ifort fortran_2003_ieee_test.F

And the error is:

fortran_2003_ieee_test.F(39): error #6503: This keyword is invalid for this intrinsic procedure reference.   [UNIT]
compilation aborted for fortran_2003_ieee_test.F (code 1)

Here's the code:

      PROGRAM fortran_2003_test         



File I/O Overhead at Intel Fortran 13 and Higher Versions


I encounter the I/O performance drop at Intel compiler version 13 and onwards. The MPI code operates a simple read from the mesh file in the following way:

           ((FOO,ISIZ=1,NS),IDIM=1,DL-1), &
           ((FOO,ISIZ=1,SL-1), &
           (DATA(ISIZ-SL+1,IDIM-DL+1),ISIZ=SL,SU), &
           (FOO,ISIZ=SU+1,NS), &
           IDIM=DL,DU), &

Linking against acml

Hi there,

I am running into problems linking against acml 5.3.1 with ifort 14.0.1

while "gfortran -o TestACML TestACML.f90 -L /opt/acml5.3.1/gfortran64_int64/lib/" compiles without error,

"ifort -o TestACML TestACML.f90 -L/opt/acml5.3.1/ifort64_int64/lib/" produces:

Fortran 2003 features not recognize for ifort 15.0.2

Hi all,

I have been compiling WRF-chem using ifort 15.0.2. After configuring WRF, there are some warnings indicate that ifort does not recognize part of FORTRAN 2003 features. But It is claimed(by Wiki) that ifort has full support of FORTRAN 2003 since the release of 15.0. The output of configuration is in the attachment.

Any ideas to solve this problem?

Many thanks!

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