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Installation of fortran 16.0 is dead ! !

I just did an installation of the newest Fortran 16.0 with the MKL, and it went thru the entire

thing, said "installation complete."

But then I look at the folders, and I dont see any updates of what was there before.


where does it put the NEW stuff?


There is nothing that says 2016, and it acts as if nothing happened.

No recent files anywhere.

Linux license server fails with invalid license key (inconsis)

I installed a new license server/key on a Linux system. When the license server is started the license log shows an error:

    Invalid license key (Inconsistent authentication code)

When I run lmdiag I see:

  This license cannot be checked out because:

  This platform not authorized by license.

I have 5 floating licenses for Windows but my company prefers license servers by Linux based.

Does Intel support serving Windows licenses from a Linux system?

Current license not working for the Parallel Studio XE 2016

I received an email today that Parallel Studio XE 2016 is available (as part of my current subscription).  I have the license for the Professional Edition for Fortran and C++ Windows.  When I try to activate using my current license file, I get the message "The license file provided is invalid."  I logged into the Intel Registration Center and provided the current serial number.  I get a message "Serial Number is no longer valid."  The license is valid until January 7, 2016 (the license file internally shows this information).  When I clicked on the email link that takes me to the PS XE dow

Invalid serial number when upgrading to ifort 2016 on OSX

When I attempt to enter my old serial number to activate ifort 2016 I get a message saying that the serial number is invalid. Here it says that I should receive a new serial number: but I never got anything and on my account page the serial number is still the same old one that doesn't work.

How can I activate the compiler?


psxe2016 windows install dies

As far as I can see, all of the 2016 beta components (which were working) have been removed successfully.

It seems to be possible to install C++ and Fortran Intel64 compilers, but not the full psxe (Windows 8.1, VS2012/2013/2015), which dies before reaching the first menu about what is to be installed.

Will attempt to attach the log.

Will Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows installer install to any drive other than C:?

Intel Customer Support tells me, "Questions related to technical and software issues are best covered through our forums", a not-so-subtle suggestion that I should be posing my question to a forum and NOT to them, so here it is:

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