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Кодирование видео с использованием встроенного видео Intel HD Graphics

В этой статье речь пойдет о кодировании видео с использованием видеокодека h264 на GPU, интегрированном в современные процессоры Intel и о том опыте, который приобрела наша компания Inventos в процессе создания и оптимизации медиа сервера Streambuilder для обработки потокового видео.


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  • Query Functionality in Media SDK

    Intel Media SDK is a framework for developing media applications. It provides the hardware implementations for some of the founding algorithms for Media - encode, decode, video processing; and also exposes a numbers of relevant parameters that can be used to tune the application to one's need. The hardware implementation is the recommended implementation to use, but sometimes, the implementation can default to software due to the lack of underlying hardware.

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  • Common Bitrate Control Methods (BRC) in Intel® Media SDK

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    In this article we will be discussing some of the Bit Rate Control (BRC) methods used in Media SDK. There are quite a few number of bitrate control algorithm which are supported in the Intel Media SDK, but this article will focus on the commonly used algorithms which are Constant Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate and Look Ahead Algorithm.

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  • Adding and Retrieving Closed-caption messages in AVC and MPEG2 streams

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    In this article, we are going to show how to add and retrieve closed-caption data to the AVC and MPEG2 streams. In the first part, we will illustrate using code examples how to add CC messages to the AVC and MPEG2 streams. In the second part, we will show how to retrieve these messages using the decoder.

    Intel Media SDK 2014 for Servers Supported Versions


    Support is provided for the two most recent releases of Intel® Media SDK for Linux Servers using the validated configurations listed in the release notes.  Older versions are not supported.

    In general, new features and stability improvement target future releases, though critical bug fixes can be provided for the most recent release.

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