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12:00 PM PDT
Soar towards your own virtual flying adventure. Get ready for take-off.
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/18/20150
“The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport.” – Orville Wright[1] If you have ever dreamt about the exhilaration of flying a plane, appreciating the view while soaring through the skies, you are certainly not alone.  Ever since the Wright b…
8:26 AM PDT
How many online passwords do you have? All you need is ONE.
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/18/20150
Sometimes it’s hard to recall the days we did not have the Internet to turn to for just about everything. Research, shopping, communication, banking, the latest news….there isn’t much we can’t get updated information on quickly and easily via the web. Many of our favorite sites work best for us due…
11:29 AM PDT
Ready to play? Five attributes of video games that get us going, and keep us engaged.
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/16/20150
Believe it or not, the advent of video game creation dates back to 1947 when a "Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device" was filed for a patent by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann.  Inspired by radar display technology, the game consisted of an analog device that allowed a user to control a vec…
12:59 PM PDT
Throw the Switch! Kids Can Explore Science According to Their Learning Style
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/15/20150
Educators understand the need for diverse tools when introducing kids to scientific concepts. As electronics continue to flourish as a means of mechanizing the modern world, many of us don’t have a basic understanding of the principles that govern electricity and how we are able to do so much with…
5:55 PM PDT
Creative Control: Helping to Ensure the Success of a Film Project with Storyboarding
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
The tried and true process of storyboarding has come a long way since its early days, and now, mobile devices and new technology take it to a whole new level. Producing a film or video is almost always more expensive than it seems, whether it’s a low-budget indie flick, or a blockbuster.  The comp…
2:04 PM PDT
6 Fascinating Facts About How Video Games are Good For You
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
There is plenty of misinformation about the value of video games out there. Teachers worry that it affects attention span and parents worry that it is bad for eyesight. Here are 6 quick facts about gaming and the positives associated with moderately engaging in it. Better Vision. People who play…
12:25 PM PDT
Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Mobile Technology
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
Opening the door to your own creativity is easier than you think. It’s an unfortunate misconception that some people are naturally creative and some are not.  As humans, we all have the impulse to create, explore, use different parts of our brains, and express ourselves.  Art goes back to the begi…
12:16 PM PDT
What’s your forecast? Five times up close and personal weather conditions are a necessity.
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
It seems that usually when we are most concerned about up-to-date, accurate weather conditions; it’s never from the comfort of our own living rooms.  Often when we need it this most, whether from our own neighborhood or hallway around the world, the information seems inaccessible. Consider these f…
12:08 PM PDT
Full Throttle: 3 Techniques Game Developers Use to Simulate Action
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
How do game designers make us feel like we are actually playing? Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster?  That wild sensation of speed, centrifugal force, ascent and descent that is both fun and terrifying?  For the last few decades, game developers have tried to figure out how t…
11:59 AM PDT
Becoming a BMX pro may be easier than you think. Read on.
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/12/20150
BMX, or bicycle motocross, is an intense sport that involves racing at extreme speed on bicycles, in a motocross style, on tracks with an inline start, and obstacles along the way.  The term BMX also refers to the bicycle that has been designed specifically for dirt and motocross cycling.[1] The h…
9:21 AM PDT
Next Level Navigation and Speed Tracking on a Smart Device
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/26/20150
Precision means everything when it comes to crunching speed and acceleration. Picture this: you are a geologist charting a remote beach on an island in Indonesia. This particular beach is only accessible at certain times of day because of the tide and land formations in the surrounding area. To ge…
11:33 AM PDT
Is personalizing your browser kind of a drag? Simplify things and get your experience moving swimmingly.
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/24/20150
At times, there’s an irony in the fact that technology is continually being developed and evolving to make our lives easier. In most cases, that is absolutely true. But on a given day when you are frustrated with something not operating up to your expectations (user error, or not), that probably fe…
8:09 AM PDT
Customized Content and the Move from Cable to Mobile TV
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/19/20150
Technology has had such an impact on entertainment and it continues to change so fast that it’s hard to keep up.  Not only has technology changed the nature of storytelling, it can now deliver content from around the world, where before you were stuck with whatever your local stations happened to b…
3:44 PM PDT
Extra, extra – read all about it! Technology delivers an updated newspaper experience.
Von Eliana P. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/18/20150
Despite the fact newspapers have served as a largely trusted communication medium for over 300 years[1], it seems in recent times, they have gotten a bit of a bad rap.  Viewed by the younger demographic as possibly being ‘old-school’ and not necessarily environmentally friendly, statistics have als…
1:36 PM PDT
Fun Activities that Can Help Improve and Maintain Brain Function
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/01/20150
The human brain thrives on trying new things. There is such a thing as too much information, and the velocity with which we receive all these messages daily has an impact, not only on the quality of our attention, but also our ability to integrate and retain the important things. While it is comm…
1:31 PM PDT
The Best of Both Worlds: Writing by Hand on a Smart Device
Von Marion K (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/01/20150
Science is discovering some fascinating indicators about writing by hand and tech developers are inventing ways to reintroduce it. When you consider how civilization as we know it evolved hand-in-hand with language and our ability to learn, it makes sense that our own development as a species came…
4:49 PM PDT
The Smart App Lock Security Tool is Now Enabled for Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 03/23/20150
The app protects sensitive information for mobile device users. Intel revealed that the Smart App Lock tool from SpSoft is now enabled for Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ processors. With over 10 million downloads, this means the app is accessible to an even larger mobile device usershi…
4:10 PM PDT
Creative Repix App Optimized for Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 03/23/20150
Real-time photo editing tools are now easily accessible to mobile device users. A recent statement from the development team at Sumoing announced that its useful photo app, Repix, is now optimized for Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ processors. The real-time, easy-to-use editing capabil…
11:54 AM PDT
Record-breaking Fleksy Keyboard Now Available on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
Developers release a fast new typing app for mobile device users The creators of the Fleksy Keyboard have enabled the quick, responsive typing app for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This revolutionary technology takes intuitive typing to a whole new level, saving time and producing greater a…
11:02 AM PDT
Swiss Codemonkeys Optimizes Color Touch Effects Photo App for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
Tablet users now have a colorful palette of tools to alter their images. An announcement from Swiss Codemonkeys revealed that their Color Touch Effects application is now compatible with Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This handy app makes it easy for mobile device users to artfully enhance t…
4:36 PM PDT
JFDP Labs Optimizes Camera 2 for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/12/20140
The ultimate real-time effects app has been enhanced for users of the device. A recent announcement from JFDP Labs has revealed that its versatile and creative app, Camera 2, has been optimized for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Users of this device can now benefit from many options in takin…
4:41 PM PDT
Real Bodywork INC Releases Anatomy 3D: Organs Application on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 06/13/20140
This new application reveals the body’s complex systems with 3D models, videos, lectures and text. Real Bodywork INC just released a revolutionary educational tool for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1. This remarkable app allows users to learn about the organ systems and structures of the h…
3:09 PM PDT
KVADGroup Enables Photo Studio Pro for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
The powerful, all-in-one image processing application is now upgraded and available for photographers of any skill level. A recent statement from the creative team at KVADGroup has announced that its Photo Studio Pro application is ready-for-use on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Now consumer…
2:57 PM PDT
PeakFinder Travel App Now Available on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
This app puts the tools of expert mountaineers in users' hands. The developers at PeakFinder have recently enabled the travel application for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Now, a larger mobile audience can seek out fascinating information about the Alps in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ita…
2:37 PM PDT
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG Enables Paperama App for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
The unique, popular Origami puzzle game is now available to mobile device users. A recent statement from FDG Entertainment announced that its Zen paper-folding game, Paperama, is compatible on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. The challenging puzzle adventures can now be accessed for play by us…
2:21 PM PDT
JFDP Labs Optimizes Paper Artist for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*
Von THOMAS C. (Intel)Veröffentlicht am 09/13/20140
Everyone can become an artist when using the easy, creative app. JFDP Labs has announced that its popular, imaginative Paper Artist app is now enhanced for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Users can now download this app and start turning photos of their choice into personalized works of art. …

Zahlreiche Entwickler, Softwarefirmen und Intel® Software-Partner arbeiten mit Intel und der Intel® Developer Zone zusammen in den folgenden Bereichen:

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  • Wissenserweiterung
  • Markenwerbung
  • Geschäftsentwicklung

Diese Erfolgsstory und Videos zeigen, was die Zusammenarbeit mit Intel bedeutet und welche Chancen auf die Softwareerfinder von heute warten.

Ausgewählte Erfolgsstory

John Martin, Vice President of Product Marketing bei Reallusion, findet nur gute Worte über das Ultrabook™. „Das Ultrabook ist fantastisch. So viel Leistung bei so kleinem Format“, sagte er kürzlich beim Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Reallusion entwickelt Animation-Software. Sein Produkt CrazyTalk Animator ermöglicht die Erstellung virtueller Schauspieler anhand eines beliebigen Fotos oder einer Zeichnung, die dann in 2-D animiert werden können.

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