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Inking the Cube: Edge Detection with Direct3D* 10

"This article originally appeared in Game Developer magazine, and appears with the permission of Think Services."

Edge detection techniques are fundamental to non-photorealistic rendering algorithms. Two of the fundamental algorithms used in non-photorealistic rendering algorithms are silhouette edge detection and crease edge detection. The silhouette edge is the part of a model where the front facing triangle borders a back facing triangle. A crease edge is found where the angle between two front facing triangles is beyond a certain application-defined threshold.

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  • Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (part 2)

    Designing AI for Games. Intelligent agents need to identify points of interest in the game world. This article shows how to identify and optimize points of interest and provides ways of organizing them for multi-threading.
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  • Visualize This! Artist/Animator Resources

    Welcome to Episode #3 of Visualize This! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing. Our guest today is Steve Pitzel, Community manager for Visual Computing on the Intel Software Network. Our topic today is the new Artist / Animator resources area on the Visual computing community.

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    Intel Software Network TV - Are You Watching?

    Today is the first day of LIVE broadcasts for the new Intel Software Network TV, providing live video streaming plus interactive chat.  Below is the complete lineup of programs for today, and our behind the scenes video.  Read the complete story, and watch at

    Visualize This! Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer toolset

    Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of Visualize This! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing.

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    Joining me today is Steve Winburn – Senior Graphics Product Evangelist.

    Our topic today is Intel’s recently announced Graphics Performance Analyzer toolset.

    Video: Level Up 2009 Contest - Is your game ready to rise to glory?

    Discover if your game concepts are ready to rise to glory. Enter Level Up 2009. For the first time, this year’s contestants will be judged by a panel of pioneering game developers who helped shape the industry (including Sid Meier, Will Wright and Rick Raymo), plus a team of experts from Intel.

    To hear more about the contest, watch the video with Steve Pitzel, Visual Computing Community Manager:

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