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Intel® Black Belt Software Developers on Film!

In the last couple of months we have captured a number of Black Belts on video. Some were done in the studio, some at September's Intel Developer Forum. No matter the circumstances and method, they are great opportunities to check the pulse of the members of our elite group and to find out what they are doing as well as how they feel about Intel technology and the Industry overall.

The Last Show - Parallel Programming Talk #130 - Parallel Manifold with Jim Dempsey

It was sad when "Friends" ended, and who can forget the endings of "MASH" and "Jerry Seinfeld"? So it goes with ISN's "Parallel Programming Talk" show.  Our last show was a fitting end to 130 radio and Web TV programs about all things Parallel. It wasn’t a “montage” or “retrospective” show but simply a great interview with one of our good friends and favorite guests, ISN Black Belt Developer Jim Dempsey.

At IDF With New Parallel Programming Black Belt Noah Clemons - Parallel Programming Talk #122

Clay Breshears and I met up with Intel Software Customer Quality Engineer Noah Clemons - our community's newest Black Belt Developer, at the 2011 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.  He told us about his IDF activities - lots of presentations and a lab, and shared his feelings about becoming an

ParaSail - A New Programming Language - Parallel Programming Talk #120


Welcome to another edition of Parallel Programming Talk. This is show #120. 

Today’s guest is Tucker Taft from the Sofcheck Company – we’ll be talking with him shortly about a new programming language he has created.

 But first, What is Clay Thinking About? An interesting discussion about human memory - based on the question - are search engines making humans less smart?  What do you think? 

 The News

Doug Lea - Parallel Java - Parallel Programming Talk #109

Welcome to another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #109.  We've got a very special guest - Doug Lea is here and we'll bring him on in a few minutes 

Reminder of Show Schedule – used to be every week at 9Pacific – now we do two shows every other Tuesday morning, at 9 and 10 am and then have them ready for on-demand viewing every Friday. URL in show notes:  /en-us/articles/parallel-programming-talk           

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