Intel® Edison Bluetooth* Guide


This document explains how to configure the Bluetooth* software stack on your Intel® Edison board.  It covers the BlueZ* software stack, basic Bluetooth operation, and the setup of various Bluetooth profiles including

  • Entwickler
  • Yocto-Projekt
  • Internet der Dinge
  • Experten
  • Anfänger
  • Fortgeschrittene
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • GATT
  • A2DP
  • HID
  • PAN
  • SPP
  • HOGP
  • HRP
  • TIP
  • FTP
  • BlueZ
  • Edison
  • Intel
  • intelmaker
  • Bluetooth*
  • Internet der Dinge
  • Intel® Edison Board Support Package User Guide


    This document is for software and system engineers who are building and customizing images, kernels, and native SDKs for the Intel® Edison Development Platform. Pre-compiled versions of the Board Support Package (BSP) are available on the Intel® Edison Downloads page. Users who don’t want to modify the default images don’t need to read this document.

    The Intel® Edison Board Support Package offers these features:

  • Entwickler
  • Linux*
  • Yocto-Projekt
  • Internet der Dinge
  • Edison
  • yocto
  • bitbake
  • MAKE
  • U-boot
  • Linux
  • cloud middleware
  • Intel
  • Firmware
  • Internet der Dinge
  • 基于64位架构使用英特尔® 线程构建模块并行化安卓* 应用

    全新的 Android L 64 位操作系统已于近日推出。 在本文中,我将向您展示如何利用英特尔® 线程构建模块(英特尔® TBB)轻松地开发面向 Android L 64 位架构的并行应用。 英特尔® TBB 是一个跨平台模板库,可用于创建并行程序。 它可以创建和同步数据流,同时隐藏架构详情,支持您在更高的抽象化水平上工作。 英特尔® TBB 可以在所有架构上运行。 对于 Android,请使用 4.3 及更高版本。

  • Android*
  • Android*
  • Android
  • tbb
  • Intel
  • parallel
  • application
  • sample
  • Coding in your browser: Using the Codebox* IDE with your Intel® Edison

    There are multiple ways to write code for the Intel® Edison (Arduino* IDE, vi, emacs, SFTP, Intel® XDK, etc.), here's how you can do it from your browser!

    Codebox* is an open source web-based IDE that you can install on your Intel® Edison. Once it's set up, you can simply point to the Intel® Edison's IP address and code away! Here's how:

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