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Intel® Black Belt Software Developers on Film!

In the last couple of months we have captured a number of Black Belts on video. Some were done in the studio, some at September's Intel Developer Forum. No matter the circumstances and method, they are great opportunities to check the pulse of the members of our elite group and to find out what they are doing as well as how they feel about Intel technology and the Industry overall.

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE): Code for Good Hackathon Week 1

        Second week and week one for the Code for Good Hackton has ended. This week was rough for my group and I. We went from winning to failing. But as the brilliant Thomas A. Edison once said "[We] have not fail. [We]'ve just found a thousand ways that won't work". Everything is a process. Not everything will come to us so easily. 

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College - ALPHA

The IUEE hackathon continues, & the students almost all have their apps in alpha.  They worked together very hard to get their apps to this point.  They used online resources to learn what they need & asked us facilitators when they got stuck.  Through their perseverance, they made apps that work for the most part.

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College

We are in another Code for Good Hackathon, this one is part of the Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience [IUEE].  From June 10 - 20, Contra Costa College students fly to Chandler Gilbert College, a community college in Arizona.  We are facilitating 2 separate hackathon there.  In each hackathon group, there are 9 teams, each with about 6 people; there are around 120 people total in these hackathons.  This is the 1st time we participated in a hackathon at this scale.

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virual Hackathon '13 Behind the Scenes

For being something new to all of us, doing this Virtual Hackathon last weekend varied between going very smoothly and throwing problems at us that no one expected.  Just as everyone put a lot into hacking up project code, a lot went into making the Virtual Hackathon possible.

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