Mathematical Parallelization By Compilers

This is not to say that compilers can automatically parallelize code. I would however really like to see that happen and here is an interesting and reliable way to parallelize operations. If a compiler can use this method of thinking then it can also be used as hints for developers writing code today.

C and C++ languages are based on mathematical expressions. So much so that 1; is a legal operation in C\++. Other languages such as C#, Java, VB and Delphi also use mathematical operations to before actions. For example:
MyInterger = GetCount() + GetLength()

Intel® and Macintosh*: Improved Performance for Developers

by John Gorman


Intel® Core™ Duo processors bring new levels of power and efficiency, plus a full spectrum of support for developers

In a natural evolution of Intel’s role as the world’s leading chipmaker, Apple has released a powerful new line of Macintosh computers featuring Intel® Core™ Duo processors-with Intel offering developers the resources and tools for a smooth, successful transition to the new platform.

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