Practical Recommendations for Delivering Software Services

As I wrote about in the beginning of this year is SOA dead as many pundits proclaim?  Or are there new targeted approaches to Service Delivery that are mature, practical, economical, and better positioned for success?

We have assembled a panel of Gartner & Burton Group analysts, customers, and events to showcase how service orientation can be a practical transformation agent for key business and IT initiatives.

We call it: "Practical Approaches to Service Delivery", which will be delivered as a webinar series.

Governing Services ... What does it take?

Service governance is a topic I find myself engaged in often now. 

The discussions take many forms such as:  "What is governance?", "How do I apply it to my service architecture"?, "What vendors are relevant?", "What standards are relevant?", "What features and capabilites matter most in practical deployments?"

Enabling hospitals and their affiliated physicians to stay connected

Hospitals and IDNs are increasingly looking for new ways to stay connected with their affiliated physicians to enable sharing of health information, streamline the referrals process, and provide seamless access to hospital, lab, PBMs and payer networks. Both hospitals and their affiliated physicians really get excited about the idea of having a consolidated view of patient information and a more integrated workflow, as it is an enabler for increased efficiency, reduced errors and improved outcomes.

It's 2009 ... Are we still talking about SOA?

Happy New Year to all of you :-).  As each year passes and a new one begins I often find myself thinking about where to focus or re-focus my time and energy.

Recently I have been forwarded or have come upon a number of articles, webinars, research reports, and blogs with a common theme: SOA has failed.  SOA doesn't work.  SOA is dead.  Maybe it is just me being more sensitive due to my annual ritual of re-evaluation, or maybe there is a real trend underway here.

SaaS Architecture and API Trends Webinar

Next week I will be participating in a Dr Dobbs webinar on SaaS.  The specific topic is about how SaaS platforms are evolving and what are emerging key architectural models for secure, reliable and interoperable SaaS APIs.

The webinar is scheduled for:

Broadcast date: Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
Broadcast Time: 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT / 18 GMT

Attend the XML technical session at Oracle OpenWorld


Attend the XML technical session at Oracle OpenWorld, and get face time with the Intel XML software products and technology experts and tap into how Intel® XML Software Suite, enables you to get higher performing XML, SOA, and Web 2.0-based applications.

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  • Design approaches for patient identification in health networks

    My last few posts have looked at the role of data standardization and terminology translation in enabling healthcare organizations to exchange information that can be understand by all. Terminology translation acts as a bridge to make it possible for two organizations to share and understand health data that is "codified" differently.

    Modeling in the Service Oriented Architecture

    by Roger Smith


    By associating a specification with core Web service elements, Design by Contract gives developers the ability at the design phase of development to reduce conceptual flaws and promote a better understanding of work scope, something that will be especially important in coming years as the Web service environment becomes more and more dynamic.

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