image processing

Optimization of Image Processing Algorithms: A Case Study

High quality image and video processing has become an important part in many professional and consumer applications. This article shares insights and methods gained during a shared work by HP* Labs and Intel on optimizing several imaging algorithms.
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  • Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE
  • visual computing
  • image processing
  • halftoning
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  • Optimierung
  • Intel's Ct Technology Code Samples

    Provides a full description of the Intel's Ct technology code samples and instructions on how to build and run them.
  • Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • IPP
  • random number generator
  • monte carlo
  • FFT
  • convolution
  • lapack
  • FFTW3
  • BLAS
  • ray tracing
  • image processing
  • example code
  • poisson
  • binomial tree
  • black scholes
  • sample
  • medical imaging
  • histogram
  • Grafik
  • Using Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives to Accelerate Algorithms

    This paper examines how to use Intel® SSE to accelerate an image processing application, how to take advantage of it using compiler directives for optimal SIMD code generation, and how to employ Intel® IPP to fully exploit SIMD acceleration.
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  • visual computing
  • image processing
  • Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions
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