web apis

Some web apis for the webs and the apps

Late last week we released to the webs our project's first set of web apis.

This first set of APIs are simple, and meant to provide the app developer with a bit more device side contextual information so they might use it to provide a better experience for their user.

Here's some code you can embed to play around with our CPU / Power / Connection Indicator widget:

HTML5 offline web apps - code experiments with several browsers

Last week I was discussing HTML5 offline web app features with some coworkers and I realized it was time to play around with a bit of code.
You can always support your points in a geek discussion by pop'n open a big ol can o whup'code right? Until someone brings out the newclear option! Thank you, I'm here all week ;)

Okay - my goal was to get a some first hand experience with the code and then run it in several different browsers. I chose the browsers listed below because they are available on a variety of client device types and operating systems.

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