Adaptive Transparency

We introduce a new technique for real-time order independent transparency called Adaptive Transparency (AT) that closely approximates the ground-truth results obtained from A-buffer compositing but is 5x to 40x faster.
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  • Adaptive Transparency
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  • keeping-it-quads

    A way to re-attach polygonal models without creating 3-sided or n-sided polygons. This article is for 3D-modelers, animators;creators of game characters.
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  • animation; character rig; animator; modeling; polygon; n-gon; 3-sided; quad; game character; feature character; 3D modeling technique
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  • Rethinking the Pipeline: DreamWorks Animation Advances the Art

    DreamWorks Animation embarked on a radical re-engineering of their animation pipeline to better accommodate artistic aspirations and improve workflow across an increasingly complex environment. This article describes the new model being put in place.
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  • Real-Time Parametric Shallow Wave Simulation

    The simulation of ocean waves provides a significant challenge to computer graphics. In this article we describe an implementation of a real-time shallow ocean wave simulation using Microsoft DirectX* 10.
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  • Courseware - Advanced Rendering

    • Transport equations
    • Ray tracing algorithms
    • Photon tracing
    • Radiosity for global illumination computation, form factors
    • Efficient approaches to global illumination
    • Monte Carlo methods for global illumination
    • Image-based rendering, panorama viewing, plenoptic function modeling
    • Rendering of complex natural phenomenon
    • Non-photorealistic rendering



    Case Study in Parallel Computation and Graphics Visualization: Parallel Ray Tracer



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