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The symbiotic relationship of social media and apps

Symbiosis is a term used in biology to describe a relationship that is (usually) mutually beneficial to one another. The two parties in the relationship depend on each other’s unique gifts in order to survive and flourish; this is seen in the partnership between clownfish and sea anemone:

Creating a Loyal Fan Base: Starting Fresh (Part 1)

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Congratulations, you’ve launched your new software product! Now, all you need to do is build up a customer base and get people talking about your product. For companies that have been focusing on development, this is not often such an easy task. You might ask what it is that you need to do other than point out how great your product is.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing to Appeal to a Global Audience

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Thanks to technology, your potential audience is now global. If your software is available in international markets, here are five ways you can optimize your marketing plan so that you don’t miss out on growing your gloabl user base:

1 – Select and segment your audience

Social Network Hubs for Developers: The Top Twelve Online

Whether you’re looking for collaboration on a hot project, help for a stubborn coding issue, or merely a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically speaking, of course), you’re sure to find it online at a number of communities specifically aimed towards software developers. These hubs of developer interaction offer up a goldmine of information on anything related to coding, from Android development to Tizen to the latest in Ultrabook™ touch and sensor integration.

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