Introduction to Parallel Programming video lecture series – Part 07 “Deadlock”

The lecture given here is the seventh part in the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” video series. This part explains to the viewer the concept of deadlock between multiple threads and explains ways to prevent it. A code example with a locking hierarchy error is used to illustrate how deadlock can occur. This example is corrected after methods of deadlock prevention have been introduced.

Running time: 9:13

When test suites fail us (when they meet parallelism).

Another week and another customer shared how messed up their test suites were because of parallel programming. So where are we going wrong?

First, it is natural to feel confused and disoriented when a failure "escapes" into the wild.  In other words, when a bug is not caught by our test suites it is natural to DEMAND an plan to correct this failure!

Second, it is common to fall back on a simple belief: an "escape" means we need MORE tests.

This is where parallelism trips us up.

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