Courseware - Software Processes

  • Software life-cycle and process models
  • Software process capability maturity models
  • Approaches to process improvement
  • Process assessment models
  • Software process measurements



CSE445/598 Project on Multithreading and Multi-Core Processing (ASU)



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  • Using X on the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab

    Using X services on the Intel(R) Manycore Testing Lab is unsupported, yet possible. This article demonstrates in general and in detail the four necessary steps to run X on the server:

    1) Make a standard, character-based connection
    2) Run the required software on the server
    3) Run your secure PCX server software
    4) Make the connection

    Two secure PCX server solutions are discussed.

    Arizona State University Repository of Services and Applications (ASU)

    This repository lists the deployed examples of Web services, Web applications and other Web resources used in the textbook (Y. Chen, W.T. Tsai, Service-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration, Third Edition, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2011, ISBN 978-0-7575-9239-3). The tables include the name, description, the URL where the item is deployed, the type of the item, and the page number of the section where the item is discussed in the text.

    Service-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration(ASU)

    Web software development and cloud computing based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) represent the modern software engineering theory, practices and technologies. The book takes a comprehensive and coherent approach to address these issues. The goal is to learn the concepts, principles and methods in advanced software architecture, software engineering, and software development. The approach is learning by developing.

    Assuring Mobile Physical Services for the New Generation of Networks (ASU)

    The development of computing and communication systems has gone through a spiral cycle of centralization and decentralization schemas. The earliest telephone network used decentralized point-to-point connections. It moved to centralized switching system as the number of devices increased. The centralized computing and communication systems further moved into a decentralized paradigm, as devices expand and dependability of large systems becomes a dominating factor.

    Courseware - Networked Applications

    • Protocols at the application layer
    • Web interfaces: Browsers and APIs
    • Web Search Technologies
    • Principles of web engineering
    • Database-driven web sites
    • Remote procedure calls (RPC)
    • Lightweight distributed objects
    • The role of middleware
    • Support tools
    • Security issues in distributed object systems
    • Enterprise-wide web-based applications
    • Service-oriented Architectures

    Service-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration (ASU)

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