Sun + Intel + OpenSolaris + 2 Years = The Year of Core

Today is the second anniversary of the Sun and Intel joint agreement to optimize the Solaris operating system for Intel Xeon processors. Like last year, when I wrote this summary of our work, I decided to recap where we are to date.

Like last year’s edition, this is pretty much off the top of my head.

OpenSolaris and Nehalem - a digital short

Another in the series of 5-minute videos on OpenSolaris and Xeon Processors.

This one is about the details in our work on the Intel Core i7 processor, previously known as the codename "Nehalem". The community has been busting hump all year with a laser focus on optimizing OpenSolaris and Solaris for Nehalem. And why not? The architecture has some truly new and exciting advancements for Intel.

Hope you like it - appreciate your comments.

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