Digital Meets Organic: The Promise of Perceptual Computing

Tom Cruise and “Minority Report”, or Tony Stark and “Iron Man” – that’s what most people think of when you bring up the phrase “perceptual computing”.  Imagine controlling your computer merely by using your voice or a wave of your hand, rather than a mouse, a keyboard, or even a touchscreen.

Creating a First-Class Touch Interface for Defense Grid: The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a tower-defense style strategy game on PC and other gaming platforms. Hidden Path Entertainment*, the developer of Defense Grid, worked with Intel® Corporation to add a full touch-based interface to the game that ran well on Ultrabook™ PCs and Windows*-capable tablets. This article details the approach Hidden Path took to implement touch, and calls out relevant challenges for those seeking to add a touch-based interface to their games.
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  • Ultimate Coder Challenge: Sixense Studios - Week 5

    Come together (Right now)

    Well this week has been really really cool.  Why?  Because all the pieces are finally starting to come together, and what we’re seeing is super exciting.  But rather than tell you about it, we thought we’d just show you:

    As you can see I (chip) have been putting Danny’s “Director” script to good use, framing our shots for our “scenes” and authoring the camera transitions.

    Ultimate Coder Week #5: For Those About to Integrate We Salute You

    We definitely lost one of our nine lives this week with integrating face tracking into our game, but we still have our cat’s eyes, and are still feel very confident that we will be able to show a stellar game at GDC. On the face tracking end of things we had some big wins. We are finally happy with the speed of the algorithms, and the way things are being tracked will work perfectly for putting into Kiwi Catapult Revenge. We completed some complex math to create very realistic perspective shiting in Unity.

    Developer and Designer Collaboration: A University Experiment

    In a recent post, we talked about what the perfect developer work culture might look like. Professors at Texas State University decided to put this into action, pulling together computer science and graphic design students together to work in a collaborative environment.

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