SCS Discovery

Video: Discovering your Intel® vPro Capabilities using the Intel® SCS Discovery Tool

I have already blogged quite a bit on this tool, but since it is pretty popular I thought I'd turn it into a video as well.  Running the  SCS Discovery tool is often my first suggestion to our developers who are having questions about why something about Intel AMT is not working for them.  In order to help them, it helps me to see what we are working with.

How to run the SCS Discovery Tool

Do you have a system that you believe is Intel® AMT capable and you are trying to run  samples but are getting an errors?  Here are some tips on how to make sure your systems *is* Intel AMT capable and is also capable of running the samples in the SDK

1.  Download and run the SCS Discovery Tool in a CMD window:

    • >SCSDiscovery.exe /Output file test.xml SystemDiscovery /NoRegistry
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