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Developers: On track for high demand in 2014

What job skills dominated the market in 2013? If you are a developer, chances are you already know that your particular skill set is extremely valuable, and end of year data extrapolated by a number of sources would agree with you. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, where thousands of companies use the site’s career search in order to find developers, Java was the most searched for skill:

How Do Apps Get Discovered?

You’ve done the hard work of coming up with an idea for an app; you’ve slogged through the process of coding it into life, and now it’s time to release your creation into the wild blue yonder, where it will organically rank high in search, pull down one gushing review after another, and make it into the Top Ten list of every app store available on the planet. Right? Well, maybe not. There are a few steps missed in there on the way to greater app visibility; unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply create something and expect that the hard work is done.

Does Fragmentation Spell The End For Indie Developers? No, And Here’s Why

A report issued this week by Flurry offered some intriguing figures on the fragmented marketplace developers have to deal with in order to get their apps out.  Here’s just one sobering stat: in order to reach just 80 percent of the devices in Flurry’s data, developers would have to deal with 156 different devices. How about just aiming for 60 percent? You’re looking at 37 different devices for which to account for.

App Development: By The Numbers

Apple released this week their numbers for user downloads from the Apple Store since its grand opening in 2008, and to put it mildly, they are astonishing:

-          There have been a total of 40 billion iOS app downloads since Apple launched the store in 2008

-          In 2012 alone, there were almost 20 billion downloads

-          According to Apple, developers have been made over $7 billion dollars via the Apple Store

Sisterhood of CS

It might seem a bit ironic me being bursting with pride at being a member of a sisterhood, what with me being a guy who never even had a sister, but I am. The Sisterhood of CS is the fifth Computer Science club for which I am advisor. Perhaps being advisor means I am not really a member, but you get the idea.

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