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Game Engines for Android*

With Android continually increasing in popularity it is always interesting to take a look at the latest collection of game engines available for the paltform. I am also further intersted in seeing which game engines include x86 support since the number of Intel x86 based mobile devices continue to increase. There are many game engine choices out there, all with a different set of features, pricing, maturity, etc. After doing some research, I found a wide variety of game engines that can be used for creating games that run on Android* based mobile devices.

PC Gaming is Big and Getting Bigger: Good Time to Be a Developer

A new report released this week from not-for-profit gaming industry watchdog PC Gaming Alliance announced that PC game sales are, to put it mildly, going through the roof. Over $20 billion in sales were made in 2012 for PC games alone, with no signs of slowing down even though mobile and social gaming are the most popular that they have ever been. Annual growth of the PC game market according to the report was 8%, with more than a billion PC gamers estimated around the world:

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