Algorithmic Problem Solving

Courseware - Algorithmic Problem Solving

  • Problem-solving strategies
  • The role of algorithms in the problem-solving process
  • Implementation strategies for algorithms
  • Debugging strategies
  • The concept and properties of algorithms



Animated Game Design in Engineering Design Process (ASU)



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  • Algorithmic Problem Solving
  • Alice
  • Destroy the Castle
  • Transactional memory
  • Grafik
  • Parallel Computing
  • Brief Introduction to Software Transactional Memory (Intel)

    In this module, rationale of TM will first be introduced, followed by an explanation of key concept of operating principles. The discussion focus will be on Software TM, the software implementation of TM, in which software support (compiler and libraries) and language extensions (key words) are illustrated with some code examples.

    Multi-core Software Design (South China University of Technology)

    Multi-core processor technology is the current development mainstream of high-performance microprocessor systems. Major chip companies such as Intel have successfully launched a variety of dual-core and Quad-core processor systems. The application of multi-core processors have been extended from high-end server to the consumer desktop systems. How to fully utilize the performance advantages of multi-core processor has become a key challenge for software design industry.

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