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25 Developers, 20 Days, and $60 Million: What the Top Developers Are Making

There are literally millions of apps available from the various app stores on the market today – Apple, Google Play, the Intel AppUp® Store, Amazon, etc., with 700,000 available alone between Google Play and Apple. However, a surprisingly low number of these apps actually bring in any kind of significant revenue for the people who have created them.

Social Network Hubs for Developers: The Top Twelve Online

Whether you’re looking for collaboration on a hot project, help for a stubborn coding issue, or merely a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically speaking, of course), you’re sure to find it online at a number of communities specifically aimed towards software developers. These hubs of developer interaction offer up a goldmine of information on anything related to coding, from Android development to Tizen to the latest in Ultrabook™ touch and sensor integration.

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