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Sexto APPLAB acontece no dia 30 de outubro em Florianópolis. Increva-se já e crie aplicativos inovadores!



A Intel e a Microsoft estão convidando os melhores desenvolvedores e empresas para participar do sexto APPLAB que acontecerá no dia 30 de outubro (Terça-Feira) no escritório da Acate em Florianópolis localizado na Rua Lauro Linhares, 589 – Primeiro andar.

Get the Most out of Intel Compilers for your Ultrabook Apps

First, let me begin by saying that compiler switches are mainly targeted for specific processors (not OS's.)   With the recent launch of the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors (code-named Ivy Bridge), developers may be looking for information on any new switches that might have been developed to specifically support (and run the best on) our latest architecture.  This blog will include the following:

Windows Dev Center Essentials for Ultrabook Developers

We’ve been working with Microsoft* to understand the ins and outs of building the next generation of applications to leverage Windows 8*. In that process we’ve discovered great content every Windows 8 developer should check out. Here are links we find very valuable from the Microsoft Windows Dev Center.

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