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High Availability Linux Architecture for Mission Critical Workloads training from The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is delivering a 4-day, hands-on training course that provides the knowledge and skills needed to successfully engineer, provision, maintain, and administer high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads. Heavily focused on mission critical workloads, High Availability Linux Architecture focuses on concepts and best practices used to meet security and high availability requirements using the latest hardware technologies such as Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family, driven by current open source tools found in the three main Linux distribution families.

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    Reposted from my blog on the Yocto Project site. Go there for more pearls of wisdom and other embedded Linux goodies.

    When I initially started talking publicly about the fact that I was working on the Yocto Project, one of the first questions I got was, in essence, "Why would you need to build an OS from sources?" After all, there are plenty of distros out there who have done the hard work for you.


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