App Show 30: AppMobi for AppUp Ultrabook apps

Bob and Daniel give us an early look at AppMobi App packaging solution for HTML5, now compatible with AppUp and Ultrabook devices.

AppMobi lets HTML5 developers package, optimize and test apps for multiple devices and stores. This is now available for AppUp, so you can use the AppMobi SDK and tool to test your app across multiple devices and see it running on an virtual device.

Intel App Show 29: Developing Ultrabook Apps for Touch & Sensor Technologies

In this show Bob Duffy talks with Intel Engineer Daniel Holmlund, where they show off a new Ivy Bridge based Windows 8 Ultrabook equipped with touch and sensor technology. Bob explains while this Ultrabook in the studio might look like your typical Ultrabook, it is very different having a touch screen loaded with Windows 8.

Intel App Show 27: AppUp support for Exe files & product key for Ultrabook apps

In this episode Norm Chou joins Bob Duffy to discuss new features for packaging and submitting apps to AppUp. The latest release for AppUp allows for a broader range of installer files as well as support for apps that use product keys. Norm walks Bob thru each of these new features.

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