Adding sensor configurations to your Ultrabook and Tablet app

Windows 8 devices are certainly showing variety today. New convertible Ultrabooks and Intel tablets have screens that fold over, slide out or detach from the keyboard.  When you build an app, and send out to the market, you don't know if the user has one of these new devices, what type and or what position the screen is to the base.  This could create a usability issue if you created an app that leverages the motion sensors.

Intel Tablet: could it be the best tablet, PC, or overall experience?

I'm on my 7th day using an Intel Tablet,  and with that I feel I have a pretty good idea of what it's good for and not, and I would like to put it in context to all the computing devices I use.  If you have followed me you know I'm not new to Windows* 8, nor am I new to tablets. To set the record straight: I own 2 iPads, have purchased 4 iPhones, own a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and Acer Iconia Tab,  as well as 3 Atom-powered netbooks, 1 MeeGo tablet and 2 Utrabooks, one Sandy Bridge and 1 Ivy Bridge, as well as this new Intel powered Samsung ATIV Tablet.

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