How to track down non-deterministic and hard-to-reproduce software issues with Intel® System Studio

Modern intelligent systems are increasingly timing-sensitive and often encounter non-deterministic issues that are difficult to reproduce. Debugging such issues is not easy; code can impact the timing of the software stack, altering application behavior and making issues disappear during a debug session. The solution to this is the Software Visible Event Nexus (SVEN) Technology. SVEN relies on a static code instrumentation with very little overhead and enables developers to identify timing-dependent runtime issues where traditional methods fail.

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    What is SVEN ?

    SVEN is a software infrastructure and API for recording trace events from kernel, user and firmware executing units. It acts like a "black box" flight recorder in an airplane.

    SVEN’s distinctive features are

    ·         Very very low overhead  ( <100 nano-seconds per instrumentation call @3Ghz)

    ·         Support for kernel/user mode on Windows and Linux platforms

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