VTune Amplifier Embedded Linux

How to Start VTune Amplifier from Ubuntu Launcher

Under Linux many commands are executed from the command line, which is OK. But if the program you are starting has a mouse driven GUI in my view the command line doesn't really make sense.

NOTE: In all the following <install dir> means where you installed Intel® System Studio. On my system this is /opt/intel/system_studio_2014.0.025. Use the location you chose during installation.

VTune Amplifier is for me such a case. To start it from the command line you need to

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  • How to work VTune™ Amplifier XE on embedded Linux system quickly?

    What is the purpose that I write this blog? Most of embedded Linux systems are customized to “tiny” OS. That means, you might fail to install VTune™ Amplifier because some utilities are missed but VTune installer requires them, this article to teach you to run VTun quickly in your embedded system:

    Steps are:

    1. Install VTune on Host machine, but command line only. Use “Customize installation->Change components to install->Unselect Graphical user interface->Start installation Now”

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