Deallocation of Allocatable Arrays

If the DEALLOCATE statement specifies an array that is not currently allocated, an error occurs.

If an allocatable array with the TARGET attribute is deallocated, the association status of any pointer associated with it becomes undefined.

If a RETURN or END statement terminates a procedure, an allocatable array has one of the following allocation statuses:

Branch Statements Overview

Branching affects the normal execution sequence by transferring control to a labeled statement in the same scoping unit. The transfer statement is called the branch statement, while the statement to which the transfer is made is called the branch target statement.

Any executable statement can be a branch target statement, except for the following:

Nested DO Constructs

A DO construct can contain one or more complete DO constructs (loops). The range of an inner nested DO construct must lie completely within the range of the next outer DO construct. Nested nonblock DO constructs can share a labeled terminal statement.

The following figure shows correctly and incorrectly nested DO constructs:

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