OpenCL runtime 15.1 for Ubuntu 14.04

I was trying to intall Intel OpenCL Runtime 15.1 for Ubuntu. I have a Xeon E3 Haswell.

Now, release notes clearly state 14.04 *is supported*: , and installation instructions are pretty clear.

BUT, when I try to download the runtime from the official download page

SIGSEV error while adding SIMD instruction

Hi all I rewrote a program for exploiting SIMD.

However I seem to be encountering a problem of segmentation fault. How do I find whats wrong?

Attached are the files program and test program with SIMD that fail's.

while test.F90 is just loop.F90 with minor modifications for some reason it fails. and I dont know why.

I use the intel 15 set of compilers

Any help? 

dapl with MPSS 3.5 and Qlogic HCA

I am running MPSS 3.5 and OFED+ and have 2 nodes with Phi cards and Qlogic. I believe that if I set I_MPI_FABRICS to use  either tcp or tmi everything works, but I've heard that dapl is faster and I'm having problems getting that to work everywhere. It works when MPI tasks are either only on the hosts or only on cards in a single host. If there are tasks on the host and a card it appears to have problems connecting to the IP address that is added during the ofed-mic service startup (

functions like pow() used in offload programming


I am using the offload programming model on Xeon Phi, and in the code which  I want to offload to the Xeon Phi, I need  to use some math functions like pow() function, however when I  compile the code ,there are some errors during link stage. the error show that it seem the compiler can not find the reference of the pow function. so which path environment should set ?

Thank you!


Intel® RealSense™ made easy with SharpSenses

Many developers worldwide are taking advantage of the Intel® RealSense™  technologies to create really amazing applications with a whole new dimension for user interaction.

Intel® provides an SDK that exposes all the features of the R200 and F200 cameras. The SDK is very powerful but it requires some time to find your way into it. To help people to get up and running with just a few lines of code I started SharpSenses.

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  • Code Builder missing VS breakpoints

    I'm working with code builder. I've been running happily for six months with the 2014 ocl applications SDK under VS2010. I thought I knew all the tricks to ensure kernel breakpoints were hit, but one (large) new project consistently fails to hit breakpoints. I figured I can't go to forums with an old version, so I tried installing INDE with the restricted options for just a Code Builder installation, but that just stripped out my old VS2010 code builder extensions.

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