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VS2010 crash on clean with XE 2011 (any updates)

We have solutions with mixed C++ and fortran projects. We have many crashes when cleaning the projects either by doing clean solution, or just by cleaning one project by itself. However, it is not consistent and i can not reproduce it in a small solution that i could send. When a project clean is crashing, i could just clean other projects and come back to the first one and it would not crash anymore.
This only happen on fortran projects, not the C++ ones.

Visual Studio crashing when loading fortran fixed code VF2013

Since I've installed Visual Fortran 2013, many .f (fixed) Fortran source files cause VS2010 (and 2012) crash on load. To isolate the problem, I tried loading just single source files (no projext or solution) with exactly the same results. VS crash on file load.

I've installed VS2012 + Visual Fortran 2013 from scratch on a second system with clean installed Win7 and the problem persists. BTW previous Visual Fortran version (2011) works fine with no crashes at'all.

.f files that crash the VS environment are NEC2 and NEC4 sources if that helps.

Any idea?

Intel® Threading Building Blocks Release Notes

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  • Using Performance Monitor in Analyzing Application Power Consumption

    Performance Monitor (perfmon) is a Windows tool used to view performance data.  Although the name of the tool implies that it is only for performance, it also provides useful information that can be used for power analysis. In this blog, I will talk about perfmon in Windows 8 and how to use it to determine, at a high level, if your application can be optimized for power. This version has additional information that is useful for analyzing power not found in previous versions of Windows.

    How to have multiple definitions of a subroutine in Intel Fortran

    How can I use a static library in a Intel Fortran Project and at the same time, include some of the library subroutines in other parts of the project with some changes? In other words, in the case that I have two definitions of the same subroutine, How can I ask the program to use the subroutine that is included in the project rather than the same subroutine in the library?

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    IVF Composer XE 2013 hangs

    I recently installed IVF Composer XE 2013 and am trying to re-compile my source code.  However, the compiler hangs during compilation of a specific file without any error or warning messages.  This happens both for Win32 and x64 configurations.  The same code compiled and ran with no problems with the previous versions of the compiler ( and

    Is this an issue other users have run into? Is there a way to fix the problem or should I submit this to the Premiere Support?

    I am using VS2010 Professional on a Win7 system.

    Thanks for any help,

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