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[closed] date_and_time incorrect in cygwin

I wrote a FORTRAN program using the date_and_time function. The source follows below. The date_and_time function returns the wrong time in the cygwin environment: I am not in UTC, so czone should be +0100. However, in the windows cmd environment, the results are correct. The question is now: Why does the date_and_time function not work properly in the cygwin environment, when compiled with the ifort compiler, whereas date() and time() do? Do I miss setting some environment variables? Should I use some compiler options?

Parallel programming: Paralleled do loops

Hi everyone;

I had a problem with paralellizing of fortran program here to share. My program had a three nested big do loops which were taking too much time to run. So, I decided to paralellize outside do loop (n=1,nszf) and then use it in some supercomuters in my university. My current Dell xps 8500 Windows 7 ultimate PC has 8 threads. here is that part of my program:

Regarding Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 compiler version 13.0. (Trial version)


I am using Intel Fortran 11.1 trial version for last 2-3 weeks, I am getting so many debugging errors(which has been

suspected that version compactibility errors) so I am planning to install the latest trial version of Intel Fortran. May I know will it work for another one month if I install it in the same machine.

Can somebody kindly help me quickly?

ICE from polymorphic MOVE_ALLOC


I'm getting an Internal Compiler Error from the move_alloc call in this code:

module test
  implicit none
  type :: derived
  end type derived
  type(derived), allocatable :: all_derived(:)
  subroutine test_sub
    class(derived), allocatable :: temp(:)
    integer :: current_size, new_size
    current_size = size(all_derived)
    new_size = current_size + 1
    call move_alloc(from=temp, to=all_derived)
  end subroutine test_sub
end module test

Error in debugging a fortran code in "Fortran PowerStation4"

Hello everybody

I have a problem. made a code for solving a BVP equation with the SHOOTING method. I debug the program with no errors in my "PGI Visual Fortran 2010 with Visual Studio 2010 Shell" without any problems.
But when i try to debug it on  "Fortran PowerStation4" i get this error :

First-chance exception in 1.exe: 0xC0000090: Float Invalid Operation.
The program 'C:\MSDEV\Projects\1\1___Win3\1.exe' has exited with code 1 (0x1).

can anybody help me what's wrong?

thx :) 

Listing file?

Thanks for the "start new topic" link, Steve.  I was trying to figure it out.

I tried to generate a listing file over the weekend -- it (VS 2008, Intel 13) will generate a source with asm listing but if I ask for just a listing -- it doesn't.  What gives?

ASM listing is quite challenging to try to read -- because I was just trying to see if the #defines that I had done were generating the correct code.

non associated target with optimization

The following piece of code thorws a run-time error in my code and I do not understand why, since what I do seems to be standard to me and is done at many other positions in my code wihtout problem. Moreover the code is been used for 5 years now with an older compiler version without any problems.

The error appears only in the release version with maximal speed optimization.

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